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Below are some resources to help students and parents, prepare for and participate in, UTSC eLearning Days and eLearning Assignments.


Student Resources

Below please find both directions and a video tutorial on how to log on a non-school computer like a home computer for eLearning days.

*Students please make sure you are signed into your school Google Account on Chrome as well as Canvas. Canvas assignments are likely to leverage Google Apps for Education and therefore you will need to sign into both. 


Video Tutorial

Click Here for a video tutorial on how to sign in to Google Chrome and Canvas on a non-school device such as a home computer.


Step by Step Directions

Please note students should sign-in to Canvas/Google Chrome. Google and Canvas work together so it is important to be signed into both. Follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have Google Chrome Browser installed on your device. It can be downloaded at https://www.google.com/chrome/

2. Log into Chrome with your child's e-mail address and password: Your child has an e-mail and password to sign into their Google account. Their email is their 100number@union.k12.in.us and their password is the same as what they use at school. Both the username and password are without the UTSC at the end.

3. Log into UTSC's Canvas website:  https://uniontownship.instructure.com If your child has logged into chrome in step 2 then the Canvas link is available in their union.k12 bookmark drop-down list. Your child will use their 100number and their school password to sign into their Canvas dashboard and find all of their class home pages.

***One way to ensure your child is logging into the correct Canvas website is to make sure the background screen is green. If it is another color you are not accessing the UTSC Canvas website, please click on the website link listed in Step 3. If the screen is another color besides green, you are not at the UTSC Canvas website.



Parent Resources

In helping your student work on eLearning assignments, make sure they are logging into Google Chrome with their Union Township School Google Account. Canvas and other eLearning assignments will be utilizing Google Apps for Education, thus requiring the student to be logged into Google Chrome. Please find the directions and a video tutorial above under the student resources if you need help.

Click here for communication from the Superintendent regarding eLearning days

Click Here for frequently asked questions

Click Here to find out how parents can sign up on a Computer for an account to track and be part of student activities in Canvas.

Click Here for directions on how to create an account in the Canvas Parent app on an Android device

Click Here for directions on how to create an account in the Canvas Parent app on an iOS device



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