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Level 1 Technology Support Specialist


$11.11 PER HOUR

Reports to:  Chief Information Officer


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent, some secondary education preferred
  2. Previous IT technical support preferred
  3. A valid Indiana Drivers License
  4. Customer Service skills required
  5. Oral and written communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills
  6. Level 1 Technology troubleshooting skills
  7. Basic to intermediate knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems
  8. Ability to manage and maintain accurate inventory records
  9. Intermediate knowledge and skills in MS Office or Google Cloud Suite
  10. Ability to identify and procure damaged or malfunctioned parts in technology devices
  11. Communicate technical information in simple written and oral instructions to non-technical staff and students
  12. Basic to intermediate knowledge of email use and troubleshooting
  13. Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and work in a fast paced environment
  14. Poses the ability to use discretion and confidentiality with access to sensitive information
  15. Required to be dependable and punctual for work shifts
  16. Some knowledge of Windows 7 operating system and Google Chrome, Drive, Mail and Calendar
  17. Provide documentation regarding technical specifications and repairs to devices
  18. Stay later than shift or work hours outside of shift on limited occasions for projects
  19. Ability to follow through on repairs that span several days to weeks providing ultimate resolution to problems

 Physical Demands 

  1. Will be required to travel between schools that exist in close proximity
  2. Must be able to lift 40 lbs
  3. Must be able to climb ladders up to 16ft
  4. Will be required to work in classrooms and data infrastructure wiring closets 

Essential Functions 

  1. Provide technical support to student devices at UTSC schools
  2. Maintain technology inventories, warranty, and damage insurance
  3. Service student technology devices including troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, reimaging, and sending off for repairs
  4. Assist and act as backup to the technical support team
  5. Troubleshoot Level 1 hardware, software, communication and network related problems within Union Township School Corporation
  6. Provide level 1 technical assistance to students and staff in computer labs and classrooms as directed
  7. Evaluate and escalate support tasks as needed
  8. Assist with the training of staff and students in technology use
  9. Implement, maintain and configure technical equipment
  10. Perform operating system and vendor software updates as required
  11. Monitor help desk ticketing system as well as addressing tickets as directed
  12. Install and configure new software
  13. Perform annual maintenance on technical assets
  14. Assist with annual equipment inventory and maintenance of equipment database as directed
  15. Configure local workstations as needed
  16. Establish an environment encouraging creative and independent use of technology
  17. Assist in maintenance of corporation computer networks
  18. Assist in the mobile device management of student and staff devices
  19. Assist in the procurement of devices and device replacement parts
  20. Assist in the rollout of student devices at UTSC schools
  21. Perform other duties at the direction of the Chief Information Officer or other appointed technology lead personnel.  

Interested candidates please send a letter of interest and application to:

Union Township School Corporation

Mr. John Hunter, Superintendent

599 West 300 North, Suite A

Valparaiso, IN  46385 

Application may be found online: 

  • www.union.k12.in.us
  • Employment
  • Non-Certified Application



WHS/UTMS Kitchen Substitute Workers

Position pays $8.03 per/hour 

Interested candidates for subbing in the kitchen please send application to: 

Mrs. Beth Svetich

Wheeler High School

587 W. 300 N.

Valparaiso, IN  46385 

Application may be found online:

  • www.union.k12.in.us
  • Employment
  • Non-Certified Application


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